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First Impressions Matter

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Due to advances in the methods necessary for the preparation of polymer materials with high deformation modulus, the developments in the cold processing method in particular have enabled the use of these materials as reinforcement.

Nowadays, the most important uses of geogrids are strengthening. Although there are many different methods, materials and approaches in strengthening soils, the use of geogrids in this field is rapidly increasing. The most important feature of the geogrids is the spaces between the transverse and longitudinal strips, which are so wide as to allow the floor to pass through it, called hole/opening.

In addition to the strength of the strips of the geogrids, bond strengths are also important. Because the geogrids allow the floor to pass through the holes, a passive strength is formed in the transverse strips which perpendicular longitudinal strips to which the load is applied. At the same time, geogrid is connected to the ground through these strips.

Use of geogrids;

  • On uncoated roads, below aggregate,
  • Under the ballast layer in railway construction,
  • Under temporary construction areas or surcharges,
  • Strengthening of landfills and filling dams,
  • Repair of slope renovations and landslides,
  • In gabion formation in wall constructions,
  • In gabion formation in erosion control structures,
  • In the formation of gabions in bridge legs,
  • As a basic reinforcement on karstic areas,
  • As a reinforcement between the tops of the pile foundations,
  • As a bridge between broken or cracked rocks,
  • As coating on soft floors,
  • As coating on swamp and tundra,
  • Anchor plate for retaining wall surface panels,
  • Kaplamalarda asfalt donatısı olarak,
  • Asphalt reinforcement in coatings,
  • Strengthening of differential rock areas,
  • Strengthening of differential concrete areas,
  • As intermediate material between geotextiles,
  • As intermediate material between the geomembranes,
  • As Intermediate material between geotextile and geomembrane,
  • As basis reinforcement on soft floors,
  • Strengthening of soil fillings allowed to be vertical expansion;
  • Strengthening of soil fillings allowed to be horizontal expansion;
  • As three-dimensional coating for the bearing strength of soil fills,
  • As a three-dimensional coating for soil fillings on soft soils.