Geosynthetic Clay


  1. What is Geosynthetic Clay?
  2. Geosynthetic Clay Coating Application
  3. How Much Does a Geosynthetic Clay Coating Cost?

What is Geosynthetic Clay?

While producing geosynthetic clay, natural sodium bentonite material is surrounded by robust geotextiles. These resulting materials create permeability. Thus, geosynthetic clay is produced. Thanks to the geotextiles produced by Geobera, an impermeable gel emerges from the moment the water comes into contact with the bentonites, thanks to the self-wrapping geotextiles. When geosynthetic clay comes into contact with water, it expands by about 16-18 times its dry weight and forms an impermeable layer. When the water is withdrawn, the geosynthetic clay returns to its original state. The geosynthetic clay that we produce as Geobera can continue this process for years in this way, it does not affect any of its waterproofing properties.

As with all our products, the application of this product is also extremely fast and easy. First, laying is done with the help of a work machine. Joints are only overlapped and thus the process is completed without the need for any welding process. Our geosynthetic clay products are natural sodium bentonite clay of volcanic origin. In this way, it swells in case of contact with water. If you want to have our geosynthetic clay products and to secure the areas you are building, you can contact us.

  • Geosynthetic clay coatings were first used in a solid waste collection center. This product consists of a mixture of bentonite clay between two geotextiles.
  • Geosynthetic clay coatings; They are also called “clay liners”, “bentonite liners”, “bentonite mats”, and “prefabricated bentonite clay liners”.
  • Geosynthetic clay coatings are used as a hydraulic barrier against water and other liquid materials. As a hydraulic barrier, geosynthetic clay coatings can be used instead of compressed clay layers.
  • The main advantages of geosynthetic clay coatings are; limited thickness, to reduce the different settlements under its ground or on the waste material, easy placement and low cost.

Geosynthetic Clay Coating Application

The most important purpose of geosynthetic clay coatings application; provides impermeability. As we mentioned before; The geosynthetic clay production phase, on the other hand, occurs by compressing the bentonite-based raw material between woven or nonwoven geotextiles. In this way, a high level of impermeability occurs. The products we have produced as Geobera draw a very successful graphic in terms of impermeability. In this way, we are in a leading position in the field of geotextile clay production all over the world.

There are some tricks of geosynthetic clay coating application. It should be emphasized that it is necessary to be very meticulous while making this application. Geosynthetic clay application; It should be done on flat, gap-free and dry surfaces. When applied on flat areas, it should be rolled on the surface or applied by overlapping the joints by at least 30 cm with the help of a construction machine. On vertical surfaces, mechanical fixing is required.

geosynthetic clay coatings

Geosynthetic coating has many application areas. The most popular of these areas is artificial pond applications. Another most widely used area is the foundation insulation of buildings. We can list other usage areas as follows;

  • In mining and solid waste storage areas
  • In artificial pools
  • In natural irrigation channels
  • In building foundation and curtain insulation
  • In solid waste landfills
  • In mine waste storage areas
  • In irrigation, fire and golf course ponds
  • In irrigation channels
  • In water reservoirs
  • In building foundation insulation projects
  • As the first coating layer under geomembranes,
  • As a secondary coating layer under geomembranes,
  • Under geomembranes and over clay layers,
  • In vertical stud curtains
  • As a protection layer on geomembranes against coarse aggregates,
  • As the second coating layer in underground warehouses,
  • In creating dams for surface waters,
  • As a composite coating under geomembranes in creating dams for surface waters,
  • As a composite coating under geomembranes in water pools.

Geobera geosynthetic clays used in these areas have many advantages. Thanks to Geobera, you can take advantage of these advantages at the highest level. We can list these advantages as follows;

  • Thanks to the geosynthetic clay application produced by Geobera, your transportation and laying costs are minimized.
  • Our products are environmentally friendly and do not harm the environment in any way.
  • Installation is quick and easy. If you wish, our company completes the installation for you.
  • Geosynthetic clays produced by Geobera have geohigh sealing performance and are in the leading position in their field. This way, you can get more for your money.

How Much Does a Geosynthetic Clay Coating Cost?

The geosynthetic clay coating cost varies due to many different factors. One of the main reasons for this is known as the climates and geographical features of the countries. For this reason, the cost of geosynthetic clay liner according to the geographical features of the countries, as well as the number and quality of the materials.

Geobera as geosynthetic clay liner manufacturers, we export to many countries of the world such as Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Palestine, America, Portugal, Qatar, Moldova. Geobera’s head office is located in Istanbul. With the production of geosynthetic clay products in the Organized Industrial Zone in Turkey, it takes its place in the sector as a geosynthetic clay producer selling not only in Turkey but also in many parts of the world as we mentioned above.

If you want to be involved in the geosynthetic clay production process with our leading company in the sector and to work with us with our experienced team, you can fill out the form below for detailed information about our prices and applications. Our company is always ready to serve in line with your demands with its friendly and expert colleagues. All you have to do for this is to reach us using the communication channels.