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Geocell is a three-dimensional honeycomb-textured coating material and it has a wide range of applications, from single-layer road ground, landslide to multi-layered retaining walls and protective barriers. The geometry of geocell provides a natural drainage structure and prevents the filling material from being damaged by hydraulic flows. By doing so, it enables the development of methods suitable for the ecosystem by filling soil on rock surfaces where there is no vegetal life. Additionally, it has been one of the most effective products that have been used for slope stabilization throughout many years and many geocell suppliers have come into play for this.

What is the Geocell?

Geocell is a three-dimensional polymer-based geosynthetic material and expandable panels that are used for soil strengthening and erosion control. Geocell material, whose general purpose use is to prevent soil loss that may occur on inclined surfaces due to water and wind, is manufactured in a perforated structure with the aim of rapid drainage and easy compression of the filling material. According to the desired feature in the project, they are attached to each other by ultrasonic welding method in the factory environment and the cells that form a honeycomb image when opened are sent to the field in strips.

Working Principles of Geocell


Many purposes are served by the honeycomb three-dimensional geocells. For example the most important one is the formation of support and soil improvement in poor soils, which is the material's primary application. Geocell preserves the interior filling material in the form of little pots within the cells, preventing it from being wasted due to factors like as water and wind.

General Features of Geocell

Geocell material has many advantageous features. Increasing usage area, it ensures land security and shapes the use of fillers. It is a long-lasting product and resistant to natural conditions. Furthermore; it can also be applied to the ground with ease.

Geocell Application Areas

The application areas of geocell may be listed in four main categories:

1- Building permanent soil structures

In steep-slope applications where it is not possible to place the cellular panels due to the slope, the soil structure can be protected with vertical walls made of the geocell ground grid. Geocell cells not only hold the soil in place but also allow drainage throughout the structure's lifetime.

2- Channel wall applications

In channels with a water flow rate of 2 m/sec, geocell cover allows the settlement of the soil fill. In addition, the geocell provides a flexible structure and can easily hold the concrete on steep channel slopes.

3- Floor stabilization

A geocell retaining wall prevents the movement of aggregates due to applied loads and holds aggregates together. The applied loads are distributed over a larger area via the geocell, rather than a direct contact point.

4- Slope erosion protection

Geocell systems placed on steep slopes are designed to hold the filling material and provide geocell slope stabilization. This function eliminates the formation of capillary cracks, which is an important cause of erosion.

Usage Areas of Geocell

Geocell has a wide range of application areas which we can list as follows:

  • Erosion Control / Road and Railroad Slopes,
  • River / Stream Beds,
  • Green Roof Applications,
  • Retaining wall,
  • On Asphalt Construction Floors,
  • In Canal and Pond Slopes Construction,
  • In Industrial Buildings,
  • Subfloor Reinforcement, etc.

Using Geocell with Geosynthetics


Other geosynthetic materials can be used with geocell. It provides a cost-effective, quick, and secure option for protecting geomembrane impermeability material, particularly in pond applications. The valuable filler material in the cell is protected from mixing with the existing low-quality soil when geotextile (separation geotextile) is used in soil reinforcement applications and slope stability difficulties. Water entering the cell is quickly drained through special perforations in the cell walls.

Choosing the Right Geocell

Geocell types differ according to projects. As a result, choosing the right parameters and cell sizes in geocell applications is of great importance in terms of both safe production and reducing project costs.

Geocell Prices

Geocell price is calculated based on the square meter surface area of the material's dimensions when it is opened. The price of geocell is determined by the width, length, and height of the material. The geocell, which is used to stabilize slopes, comes in medium and large sizes while geocell used for ground reinforcement, on the other hand, is quite small.

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