Why Is It Important to Use Geocell?


Cellular confinement system (geocell) is a soil reinforcement and erosion protection material with honeycomb texture and three-dimensional structure, made of high-density polyethylene alloy. It is generally used on sloping surfaces to prevent soil loss that may occur due to water and wind. The reason why it is produced in a perforated structure is fast drainage and easy compression of the filling material. Cells adhered with special ultrasonic welding technology in the factory are sent to the field in strips.

Functions of Geocell

Functioning by filling the pores with a three-dimensional honeycomb structure, the geocell cellular confinement system offers alternative solutions to geogrid material. Working with the logic of geogrid, geocell undertakes the tasks of reinforcement of geogrids on the ground and reinforcement on retaining walls. Differently, cellular confinement systems work by filling the cellular fillings.

Advantages of Geocell Cellular Confinement System

Geocell cellular confinement systems applications have many advantages. We may list these advantages as follows;

  • It allows the use of natural filling materials instead of expensive filling materials in the application area.
  • In addition to being economical, it provides more than 50% reduction in filling depth compared to classical methods.
  • Three-dimensional cells ensure the compression of the filling material, increasing the bearing capacity and it prevents collapses.
  • It plays an important role in increasing the hardness ratio of the structural filling and thus gains strength.
  • Due to its structure, it provides a natural drainage structure, while at the same time it prevents the filling material from being damaged by hydraulic flows.

Cellular Confinement System Usage Areas


Cellular confinement systems with honeycomb appearance have a wide range of applications, from single-layer road ground, landslide to multi-layered retaining wall and protective barriers. As it is an advantageous product, it can be used in many places. We  may list these usage areas as follows;

  • To constitute a carrier platform on highways and railways,
  • To increase the bearing capacity,
  • In irrigation channels,
  • In inclined surface stabilization,
  • In the construction of the retaining wall,
  • Geocell erosion control,
  • For greening on inclined surfaces by filling them with vegetable soil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although geocell is a technique that has been used for many years, there are still some customers wondering about the subject. Let's find answers to these questions together.

  • How is the cellular confinement system produced?

Cellular filling system in three-dimensional honeycomb structure is produced by bonding high-strength and special UV-added HDPE strips with an ultrasonic sound system. The bonding range of these strips is called the welding distance of the material. Strip heights are expressed as the height of the cellular confinement system. Geocell must be produced from world class polymers in accordance with international norms.

  • How does geocell work?

The honeycomb three-dimensional cellular confinement system serves two main functions. The first of these is soil improvement in weak soils. The second and most used function is the cellular confinement system. Geocell, which preserves the inner filling material in the form of small pots within the cells, prevents the material from being lost due to factors such as water and wind.

  • Why Is It Important to Use Geocell?

Geocell prevents the material from being lost by factors such as water and wind. This is its most important benefit. It can be used for two main purposes: erosion control and ground reinforcement. Below, you may have further information from the chart.


Erosion Control and Confinement ApplicationsGround Reinforcement and Reinforcement Applications
In erosion control applications, the type of cellular confinement system is selected considering the slope, the forces acting on the system and the properties of the material to be filled into the geocell. The geocell system provides protection against severe erosion by surface runoff.Cellular confinement systems are used to form a carrier platform on highways and railways and to increase the bearing capacity of the ground. In soil reinforcement applications, the cellular confinement system is selected by taking into account the characteristics of the ground, the type of application, the fixed and live loads acting on the ground.

Cellular Confinement System Prices


Cellular confinement system prices vary depending on the application type, project and site characteristics. The construction may seem easy but there are some important details that need to be paid attention to.

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