Improving Pavement Resilience with Asphalt Geogrid Fabric

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Geogrid materials are products that have high tensile and have square or rectangular gaps on them. Although geogrid is commonly utilized in soil reinforcement applications due to its material qualities, it has recently seen increased use in geosynthetic reinforced walls. A geogrid mesh application can be used in a wide variety of places.

Geogrid Usage Areas

What is geogrid used for? It is possible to list geogrid usage areas as follows:

  • Geosynthetic reinforced walls,
  • Floor drainage,
  • In situations where the structure needs to be supported,
  • In various structural works such as fill and slope,
  • As a preventive measure for pavement reflection cracking,
  • Erosion control.

Geogrid Usage Purposes

Natural soils pose difficulties for practitioners in many engineering situations when it comes to sustaining weight and pressure. This is where the geogrid fabric comes into play and is used for reinforcement on the ground. Thus, the carrying capacity is increased by improving the ground conditions, and the opportunity to work on the ground emerges.

Geogrid Application Process


Another question that comes to mind about geogrids is how to implement geogrid materials. Geogrids, which can be applied in dozens of different areas such as soil reinforcement (or geogrid reinforcement) and erosion control, are applied by designing each work and construction style differently. Therefore, in what kind of field and under what conditions the work will be done, the application of geogrids changes.

Geogrid Prices

With the advancement of technology and opportunities, it is possible to declare that geogrid usage areas are increasing. Geogrid prices are as diverse as the application forms of geogrids and vary according to operating conditions.

Geogrid Manufacturers

Geogrid companies have increased in recent years due to the increase in the use and functions of geogrid recent years. However, if it is desired that the work done is of high quality and that no problems will be encountered in the future, it will be extremely beneficial to work with an experienced and expert company in this field.

Geogrids for Pavement Resilience

Asphalt geogrids, which are made of special glass fiber to be used on asphalt roads, will extend the service period of the road and thus reduce maintenance costs. In addition, asphalt geogrids used in asphalt pavements will eliminate the reflection cracks that will occur due to time and will largely prevent the formation of rutting.

Due to the exposure of the asphalt grid to certain temperatures during the application, it must be produced from raw materials with a high melting temperature. For this reason, they are usually produced from glass fiber. In addition, thanks to their maximum bearing capacity under low elongation, fiberglass asphalt geogrids are used against reflection cracks on highways.

Advantages of Asphalt Geogrids

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Every time a road (or platform) is built on the ground with a low bearing capacity, bracing should be made for reinforcement. While there are many techniques available to complete the settlement, ease of installation and low costs make asphalt geogrids the most effective method to follow. It has many advantages:

  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Being able to build roads on weak soils
  • Extending the life of roads

Geobera and Best Asphalt Geogrids

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