Why Use Geofoam Blocks?

geofoam blocks

Geofoam, also known as EPS geofoam, is a construction material with superior properties that has been used in geotechnical engineering around the world since the 1960s. Geofoam weighs approximately 1% of standard filling materials.

When Were Geofoam Blocks Found?

Geofoam technology, generally used as geofoam blocks in civil engineering applications, was first used in 1972 by the "Norwegian Road Research Laboratory" as a light-fill material to reduce settlements in road applications. The lightweight filling material geofoam, which started to be used in the 1970s, was first applied in Scandinavian countries, then in Western Europe, America, and Japan.

What Are the Advantages of Geofoam Blocks?

The lightweight filling material of geofoam blocks has many advantages. They reduce the loads on the ground and structures and ground settlements. Produced in blocks, geofoam can be produced in different shapes and sizes and in different strengths to meet the project's needs. Geofoam blocks also offer innovative solutions for problems such as earthquake protection, shock, noise, and vibration damping.

geofoam installation

Why Prefer Geofoam Blocks?

There are many reasons why to prefer geofoam blocks:

  • Trustworthy

Geofoam is a non-toxic, chemically stable product and the entire structure is non-irritating and odorless. It is completely safe for use in applications. These properties are effective in eliminating health and safety problems compared to alternative materials.

  • Environmentally-Friendly

With Geofoam, the amount of fuel and time required for transport, laying and compaction is significantly reduced compared to conventional backfill materials.

  • Resistant

Geofoam is a superior engineering material that can remain on the ground for years under suitable conditions. EPS geofoam blocks are highly resistant to environmental factors thanks to their closed cellular structure.

  • Easy Installation

Geofoam installation can be completed very fast. A team can easily produce about 500 cubic meters in a day. The speed of application provides significant economic savings.

Where to Use Geofoam Blocks?

There are many places where you can take advantage of geofoam blocks:

  • In soft soil highway constructions
  • In road expansions
  • In bridge approaches
  • In bridge fillings
  • In building foundations
  • In rail system fillings
  • Landscape and green roofs
  • In retaining and embedded wall fillings
  • In stabilization of sloping areas
  • Stadium and theater seating areas
  • In sets
  • On runways
  • In the foundations of light structures
  • In areas where sound and vibrations are required to be absorbed
  • In building foundations to reduce the earthquake effect
  • In rock fall and impact protection

What Are the Steps to Install Geofoam Blocks?

There are 3 main steps for geofoam installation:

  • Pre-Design

Identifying the problem and need is the most important step for a correct geofoam application. In the preliminary project phase, applicability, and suitability for the project needs, are examined.

  • Project

After the design and engineering calculations, the final project is prepared. In the project, the types of materials to be used in the field, their preliminary dimensions, and, if necessary, the details of other geosynthetic materials to be used are given. Thus, all the necessary details for the field application are made ready.

  • Engineering Process

Geofoam is a qualified construction material. It is of great importance that the engineering calculations (static and dynamic loads, ambient conditions) are made correctly for the material to work as desired. If the right material is not selected or the wrong project is made, significant settlements or collapses may occur.


What Are the Costs of Geofoam Blocks?

Geofoam blocks price may vary according to the type and details of the project. For this reason, you must consult the company that you prefer.

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