Geonetting and Erosion Prevention


Applied for engineering fields, geonet is a geosynthetic product that is preferred for drainage purposes. Made of polymer, geonetting provides the drainage in the applied area. They help the material not to lose their drainage and mainly used for this purpose. Basically saying, geonet is a drainage product in three-dimensional polymer structure. The difference between geogrid and geonet is that the first one is used for reinforcement whereas the latter one is used for drainage.

It is mainly produced to create a hollow structure that permits liquid and gas evacuation. Thanks to their advantageous feature, these products are listed among the in-fashion ones in geosynthetic industry. It is preferred for protecting the water drainage under various areas such as sports fields, buildings, etc. and even subdrainage systems.

Its resistance to pressure is an important criterion why it is solely chosen for this purpose. Separation of two soils from each other is also another usage purpose of this product.

Geonets are functional and practical products that have various advantages that leads them to be widely selected manufactures. They are made of large span and high permeability polymeric rods that are vertically interlocked with one another and adhered together.

Usage Areas of Geonet

geonet fabric

Geonet, as a useful product that is the apple of the eyes of the customers, has a wide range of usage areas. You can find some of them we listed below:

  • Solid waste and dangerous solid waste areas
  • Dam reservoirs
  • Ponds and pools
  • Landslide repairs
  • Highways and railways
  • Ground reinforcement
  • In erosion prevention
  • In drainage systems of buildings
  • Permanent or temporary roads
  • Road construction projects
  • Asphalt construction etc.

Geonets are functional products, and this property allows them to be widely selected in a variety of settings apart from the ones we listed above.

Geonets in Erosion Prevention

Erosion is a phenomenon in which eroding, tearing, transporting, and accumulating the soil on the crust of earth’s takes place by a variety of external factors, especially rivers. It is a natural phenomenon that happens, but we should also know that because of human’s destruction of the nature and earth, artificial erosions also take place. Erosion is becoming more and more a problem with the destructions of forests, existing wrong land use policies, and many more reasons that we can list here.

Geosynthetic usage is today getting more and more recognition thanks to the rapid advancements in this industry. Nowadays, there are several solutions we take to prevent erosions from happening. And in accordance with the advancements mentioned before, geosynthetics are now a part of erosion prevention solution, and geonets are highly preferred in this situation. Geonets can help us with the erosion prevention and slope stabilization.

Why Geonets are Preferred?

We mentioned above that there are various reasons that helps geonets to be a popular product. It comes with lots of benefits upon purchasing and allows you to use it for a long period of time. Geonet application is an easy task. We recommend you choose a company that is professional in geosynthetics industry and their application. This product is also known for its resistance to abrasions, wearing out and generally, negative conditions. And let us add that it is an economical, budget-friendly product. In addition to what we listed above, most importantly, they are not harmful to the environment.

Geobera for Effective Solutions

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Calculating Cost of Geonets Used in Erosion Prevention

Determining the total price of geonet usage in erosion prevention depends on several points that needs to be taken into consideration. Therefore, it is not possible to give an exact price.

If you wish to have more information about geonet fabric, where and how to use them, you can contact us by filling out the form given below. Our expert team will gladly help you and answer your questions about our geosynthetic products.