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First Impressions Matter

Trust The Grounds Guys professionals to take care of your
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First Impressions Matter

First Impressions Matter

Trust The Grounds Guys professionals to take care of your
commercial or residential grounds

Geocell has a three-dimensional structure and is a material that strengthens the ground and prevents erosion. The geocell we have produced as Geobera is generally used to prevent landslides that may occur as a result of natural events.

The geocells produced by our company are generally manufactured with holes. There are special reasons why it is produced this way. One of the most important reasons is that the perforated geocells drain quickly and the filling material is easily compressed. Geocells, which are produced with utmost care and attention by our expert and experienced team, are adhered with special ultrasonic welding technology and the cells are sent to the field in strips.

Geocell works with geocell grid logic. Soil reinforcement of geogrids and reinforcement of retaining walls are undertaken by geocells. If you want to understand the structure of geocells, you can look at a honeycomb. By filling the cells of this honeycomb, geocell cellular filling systems are formed.

In the cellular filling system, these fillings are filled. However, there is a point to be noted here. If you want to fill these cells, you need to determine your filling material according to the purpose of use and surface load.

The cellular filling system geocell application produced by Geobera provides many advantages to our valued customers. We can list these advantages as follows:

  1. Many filling materials are used during an application. However, these filling materials are very difficult for you financially. Therefore, the application of the cellular filling system, which allows the use of natural filling materials, will be the right choice for you.
  2. In classical filling methods, the filling depth is too much. Thanks to the cellular filling system, this disadvantage will turn into an advantage. More than 50% reduction is achieved with the Geobera cellular filling system.
  3. Geocells have a three-dimensional honeycomb structure. Thanks to this feature, the filling material is well compressed, its carrying capacity increases and possible collapse situations are prevented.

As we explained in detail above; The geocell application made with the geocells produced by our company will provide you with many advantages. You can also ask questions about the cellular filling system by contacting us!

How Does a Geocell Work?

As we explained above; Geocells are honeycomb-shaped and have a three-dimensional structure. These honeycomb-shaped geocells have two main functions:

  1. Geocell soil stabilization
  2. Cell filling system

Many materials are used when making something or constructing a structure. These materials are in danger of being lost as a result of rain, snow, hail, extreme wind and many natural events. If you want to prevent the loss of these materials, which you make financial effort, you can contact us and get information about geocell.


Geocell applications made with geocells produced by Geobera provide protection against severe erosion caused by surface flow. In addition, it is used in the construction of highways and railways to increase and strengthen the bearing capacity of the ground.

Of course, as in every field, there are some points that should be considered here as well. For geocell installation made to increase the soil bearing capacity in the construction of highways and railways, a cellular filling system plan should be made first. While preparing this plan, the characteristics of the ground, the way of application, the fixed and live loads acting on the ground are taken into account. Geocell material and applications are a process that needs to be studied meticulously and meticulously. As the Geobera family, it is one of our most important goals to make this process very easy for you. If you want to work with us, you can contact us!

Geocell Price

Geocell price varies according to some factors. These factors; application type, project and area features. Therefore, we recommend you to be very careful about the company you will work with in the geocell application.

As the Geobera family, we offer the most costly and highest quality geocell application to our valued customers. After you determine the most suitable geocell application for your own applications, you can contact us and get detailed information about the geocell price.

Geocell Manufacturer

As Geobera, we are in the leading position of the sector as a geocell manufacturer in the application of Geocell Cell Filling System and in the production of geocells. Although we have reached world standards with the products we have produced, we have customers in many parts of the world.

As Geobera, our head office is located in Istanbul. We are in the world market in the production of geocells. Our company provides services to the projects of international organizations with geocell products. In order to better serve our valued customers, our main principles are trust, quality products, workmanship and customer satisfaction.

You can fill out the form below to get information about the cellular filling system, geocell products and geocell price. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.