Utilization Areas of Geomembrane and Geomembrane Applications!


You may have heard the name of geomembrane but our article will help you if you do not know what type of product it is and where it is used. To check the roots of the word; “geo” means the earth while the membrane is a layer of covering. Geomembrane is used for separation and impermeability on concrete, mantle rock, floor, and various surfaces.

Characterized as synthetic insulation liner, Geomembrane is used in many places besides floor and rock, such as roofs, pools, ponds, etc. Providing waterproofing between geosynthetics, geomembrane is commonly used for isolation purposes. There are various types of Geomembrane but the most commonly used are; high-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, ethylene propylene diene terpolymer.

Geomembrane: It is called as the waterproofing liner formed by processing thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers in powder or granule form by various manufacture methods. Synthetic liners vary according to the type and technology of the materials used in production. 

What Are the Properties of Geomembrane?

  • They are preferred because of their low permeability.
  • They are highly resistant to chemicals.
  • They are products with high UV resistance.
  • They are very resistant to cracking, tearing and puncture.
  • Their long-lasting feature increases their application.
  • The application is easy, quick and provides financial savings.
  • It is highly preferred because maintenance is simple.
  • Being flexible provides an advantage.
  • It can be produced in various thicknesses.

geomembrane applications

In What Areas Is Geomembrane Used?

Geomembrane is applied in many areas. Let’s look at Geomembrane application areas used in industry, transport, hydraulic and environmental fields together.

    • Geomembrane is used in ponds where drinking water is provided.
    • It is used to prevent leakage in water supply tanks.
    • It is used for waterproofing the bottom of the asphalt floors.
    • It is used in the foundations of buildings.
    • It is used in dams with earth or rock ground as it provides water resistance.
    • They are used in agricultural irrigation ponds and irrigation areas.
    • It is a material used as a primer in the agriculture sector.
    • It is used to store saltwater solutions.
    • It is used for insulation on the floors of water transport areas.
    • It is used for waterproofing in tunnels and pipelines.
    • It is a product used in liquid and mud waste storage areas
    • It acts as an insulation liner in shearwalls.
    • It is used in water holes and sand shelters in golf courses.
    • It is used as an insulation primer for waste ducts.
    • It is used on sports grounds.
    • It is used in floors of coal ash storage areas.
  • It is used in the storage of hazardous radioactive and chemical liquids to avoid leakage into the soil.
  • It is used in the base parts of the highways.
  • It is used in solid waste storage areas.
  • It is used as a liner in marine animal ponds.

Geomembrane, used in many industries have the ability to protect the structures and environment. Especially with its long-lasting and impermeable structure, it has the ability to protect buildings. Production and application of Geomembrane require expertise. A tiny mistake might cause great damage to the environment or the building. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering applications of geomembrane.