What’s A Roof? Geomembrane Use on Roofs!


The roof is the name for the part of a building that is usually under a tile-covered section. Insulation and waterproofing of roofs is an important factor. Geomembrane, an insulation material offered to humanity by the developments in technology, provides excellent insulation even at temperatures between -30 and +85°C thanks to its polyester coating layer. To use your roof for many years without a problem, you may prefer geomembrane.

What Are The Roof Types?

Terrace roof: It is the warm roof type where the waterproofing layer is located under the heat-insulation layer. Waterproofing layer which is below heat-insulation in a terrace-roof is placed over it in classic flat roofs. To construct a terrace roof, it is necessary to use porous, water-repellant extrude polystyrene material.

Cold Roof: It is a two-layered type of roof where there is an air cushion between roof construction and carrier construction to provide ventilation. In this type of roofs, water vapor coming from below is ejaculated through heat-insulation layer by an air cushion.

Warm Roof: In this type of roof where every layer that builds a roof is aligned in order, there is no air cushion between the carrier and protective layers. This type of roofs are built as a single shell.

Single surface roof: It is a form of the roof in which a surface consists of an angled plane.

Gable Roof:  It is a type of roof where two angled planes are intersected at a ridge. The roof end with two shield walls on the perpendicular side of the ridge.

Hipped Roof:  It is a type of roof on a square or rectangular shaped building, that consists of intersecting planes with the same 45° angles surrounded by gully drain.

Mansard Roof:  It is the same as the hipped roof but the roof consists of intersecting planes of two different angles, therefore, creating the possibility to use the attic.

Vaulted  Roof:  It is a type of roof which is obtained by shifting a horizontal, semi-cylinder shaped belt.

Dome Roof:  It is a form of the roof that is created by rotating a quarter-circle around its horizontal radius by 360 degrees.

Saw-Tooth Roof: It is a type of roof which consists of intersections of horizontal and vertical planes to form a saw-tooth shape. It is used to provide cover to large areas by providing lighting at the same time.

Conical Roof:  It is the roof type of cylinder, square or polygonal prism-shaped buildings and minarets.

What is Air Cushion for Roofs?

The layer situated in cold roofs usually between carrier construction and cover construction to discharge vapor is called air cushion.

What is Fascia Board in a Roof?

It is the board that stands vertical 1 meter away from the fulcrum in a cold roof and tries to bend. Fascia board is not an element of scissors.

Whatever roof type you choose, always use geomembrane. Please contact us if you wish to use geomembrane in your roof.

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