Geopipe Usage Areas, Importance, And Propertıes

geopipe application

Every single day we all have come across a new thing that is going to make our lives much easier than before. Thanks to technological improvements, we can prevent possible circumstances which might cause many serious outcomes afterward. One of these developments is geosynthetics. They are a kind of textile product that is developed as an option to the stereotyped techniques in the field of engineering. These products have become so commonly used in the especially twenty-first century. Also, geosynthetics have a huge influence on civil engineering. But there are many types of geosynthetic products: geotextile, geogrid, geomembrane, and geopipe. Geopipe application is so different from the others. You are able to avoid from possible circumstances, climate conditions, and blockages. From 20 mm to 160 mm you are able to find any size of geopipes according to your needs.

Where Do People Prefer Geopipe Application in Tunusia?

Mostly these innovative engineering product is used in the removal of harmful liquid away from fertile agriculture areas. This feature is so essential in order to get a fertile harvest at the end of the year. If you do not separate clean and dirty water, you can not be sure about whether the fruits or vegetables are good for your health. In addition to this function, it is preferred to using in the discharge of the groundwater of the construction area. This kind of usage has become so much common than before. Also, this multifunctional product is so suitable to be used in the infrastructure of artificial grass in the sports fields. If you use it in these areas, you are able to get so many solid results and long-lasting service.


Geopipes are used in the protection of buildings and constructions with water on the foundation. On the other hand, it can be used so easily for muddy and slimy in the reclamation of lands as well as in the drainage of the highway. It is so significant because on the earth many regions have an erosion problem in general. For example, geopipe South Africa has become so well-known and overused because this continent has a tough climate condition and experiences drought as well as erosion. This system provides solid ground and prevents destructive results of erosion.

What Are the Benefits of the Geopipe Application?

These products are much more long-lasting than other alternative ones. You are able to benefit from it for around a half of century under the ground. And therefore you do not waste your money in order to provide maintenance to these systems regularly. Also, its installation process is so practical and time-saving. On the other hand, these innovative products in the engineering field have an extremely resistant structure to any dangerous chemical materials. Therefore, you do not need to worry about this possibility after the installation.

Moreover, the geopipe price is so budget-friendly. Anyone willing to install is able to afford it. With really modest prices, you are able to get a professional ground system in order to feel more solid in any possible circumstances. By wrapping geotextile on the drainage pipes, it is protected from external impacts, changing climatic conditions, and blockages that may occur during use. Since it is not heavy, it is very simple to transport, lay and store. It is used on sandy floors without the need for filter material. Due to its high-density polyethylene in its raw material, this product has a very concrete and strong structure. However, the most life-saving feature of geopipe is drainage function.

What is The Importance of Drainage with The Help of Geopipe Application in Niger?

Drainage installation removes the ground wetness harmful to the plants and thus it makes the ground structure suitable and to provides ventilation. In order to protect the buildings from humidity, the water is drained underground in order to prevent the mud by quickly removing the rainwater from penetrating the soil in places where it must always be kept dry, such as sports fields is called. Due to many different reasons in the fields where drainage is not done, in the case that excess water and always remains on the land, it is not a good condition for the plants grown. Since the minerals and salts necessary for the plant will dissolve more than necessary, excessive nutrition occurs in the plant. It is known that over nutrition is as bad as undernutrition. In addition, the ground filled with water lacks the oxygen needed by the roots of the plants. The level of oxygen is so crucial in particular in the phase of sprouting. The need for drainage is clearly visible in this case.


In addition to this, the most significant advantage of drainage is going to be in terms of human health. If the drainage has been done in the marshes, you can realize many positive changes in health overall the region. Also, these areas, which are dried by drainage, are opened to agriculture and provide new job and social opportunities to the people in this region. Another crucial issue is keeping under the control soil salt with the help of drainage system. As the saltwater in the irrigation water is absorbed or evaporated by the ground, its rate increases by staying on the ground. But the drainage water is able to dissolve this ingredient and manage to remove the salt.

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