Classical materials used in pipelines during transportation of water, gas, oil and various other liquid materials are steel, font, concrete and clay. These pipe materials are classified as rigid due to their behavior. Tubes made of polymeric materials are classified as flexible.

Plastic pipes are the first products made of polymer material and have a wide range of applications. Usage areas; industry, agriculture, transportation and drainage applications.

Usage areas;

  • As edge drain in highway, railway and airports,
  • As seepage drains in tunnels,
  • As pore water drain behind retaining walls,
  • As interception drain for leakage of ground and rock slopes,
  • As interception drain for leakage in groundwater,
  • As pipes in drainage projects
  • In between gravity and fluid transport lines,
  • In force transmission lines under pressure,
  • In waste water drainage systems,
  • In the pipelines where the chemicals are transported,
  • For the removal of water in the ground and waste material fillings.