What Does Geosynthetics Mean?


With the development of technology, geosynthetics is one of the products that differentiate human life and expand its usage area. It should be mentioned that this product, which is a very remarkable option thanks to its being an innovative material and adding value to the area of use, is used in a wider area day by day. In this context, the advantages obtained with geosynthetics are quite extensive.

Geosynthetic materials are generally preferred elements in the building and construction industry. Since their basic material is a polymeric product, they achieve serious success in quality and durability. Geosynthetic products are sometimes called geomembranes. Thanks to being a product that functions as a membrane, it adapts very simply to innovative solutions and classical construction processes.

You can add meaning and value to your project by choosing geosynthetic products, which are valuable in creating a stable environment in-ground applications and providing quality solutions. These products, which have different solutions according to their usage area and purpose, provide very high-quality results, and the field of use is expanding day by day.

Geosynthetics and Production Processes

Geosynthetics is one of the options whose purpose makes it easier to design human life. For this reason, interest in the product continues to increase day by day. However, the raw material preferred during the products’ production is not very diverse, in return for such interest in the product.
While the products’ usage area plays a precious role in the raw material preferences, we can talk about 4 different product types at this point. To add value to your project, it is possible to examine the geosynthetic clay lining raw materials listed below more closely.

  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • PET, PE (Polyester)
  • HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
  • LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)

As shown above, the strength and resistance provided by the geosynthetic clay lining, the basic material of which is polymeric materials, is very valuable. For this reason, we recommend that you turn to geosynthetic clay lining, which is a higher quality option, instead of looking for very different solutions to achieve quality in the applications you will apply with intelligence.

Why Is Geosynthetic Clay Liner Preferred?

geosynthetic reinforcement

Geosynthetic clay liner is one option that attracts attention from projects where astroturf construction and some other floor applications occur. The aim is to achieve quality within the framework of applications that act as a protector and stabilizer instead of laying the carpet directly on the floor. It should be stated that the geosynthetic clay lining, which prepares the ground for very high-quality results at the point of application, prevents the negativities from the ground.

One of the most frequently encountered problems in carpet field construction processes is the faults in the floor. In addition to the fact that the ground is not level enough, it is also a serious problem that the ground preparation is not performed to affect the athlete’s health positively. In this case, it is possible to eliminate all problems that may arise by using geotextile clay lining.

When comparing the projects using geosynthetics and not using geosynthetics during the carpet field construction, it is obvious that the solutions using geosynthetics produce better quality results. You can open the door to achieving a successful astroturf structure with this solution, which especially prolongs the turf’s life and enables athletes to have a better quality experience.

Soil Reinforcement Applications

One of the solutions to be applied with geosynthetic clay lining is ground reinforcement applications. In cases where the ground is not stable enough, extra applications and corrections should be made. There is a loss of time for this process, which requires extra effort, especially cost.
In carpet field construction projects, geosynthetics prepare the ground before the turf laying operations and make it usable. This product removes the defects in the existing floor and ensures the integration of the carpet with the floor perfectly. In this sense, it is possible to achieve the highest quality and ideal solutions.

If you want your project to have a perfect and strong structure, you should remember that the only thing you need to do is to take advantage of geosynthetic clay lining solutions.

Environmental Solutions and Erosion Prevention Advantage

Another feature that distinguishes geosynthetic solutions from other solutions, which is known to open the door to very successful soil alternatives, is that it is environmentally friendly. Geosynthetic clay lining, which does not negatively impact the environment due to the quality of the raw material it is produced, also reduces the demand for different products. In this context, using geosynthetics instead of a product that will adversely affect the environment brings advantages to the top.

One of the most valuable advantages that can be achieved with geosynthetics will undoubtedly be erosion control. Erosion is eliminated thanks to these products that support the ground to be more stable and provide quality solutions. It is possible to benefit from the most advantageous options with the product that holds the soil together.

Thanks to the privileges provided by its usage advantages, you can take your project to the best point with this option, where the quality is always at the top. If you have a project where you have ground problems, you should definitely start using geosynthetic clay lining options. Thanks to geosynthetic reinforcement, which will add privileges to your project and benefit you in every sense, you can immediately benefit from various advantages.

Where Is Geosynthetic Reinforcement Used?

geosynthetic clay liner

Geosynthetic reinforcement is one of the exceptional products preferred in providing quality and superior performance in different human living areas. For this reason, you should definitely use geosynthetics to get the best solution in your projects and ground applications.
You will also have the opportunity to benefit from the quality and successful solutions thanks to geosynthetics, where we use the areas of use and solutions below. Let’s take a look at what advantages this product will bring to your life!

– Separates Different Floors from Each Other
The separation of floors generally differs according to project demands. For this reason, the biggest supporter of separating the turf used in the soil and carpet field from each other is the geosynthetic clay lining. For this purpose, the user should be expressed as preventing the upper floor from getting dirty and damaged.

The most valuable issue in applications to be carried out from carpet field projects is that the astroturf grass is negatively affected by soil or other floors. When placed directly on the soil, the possibility of rapid wear of the lawn arises, affecting costs because the situations that will cause the grass to be damaged from below can only be prevented with geosynthetic clay lining.

– Increases Carrying Capacity
While geosynthetics brings serious advantages to human life, one of the most valuable issues is that it provides serious privileges at the point of carrying capacity. The soil can slide over each other if a high percentage of soil is discharged while the soil is piling up. For this reason, it is possible to eliminate slippage or other negativities thanks to the intervening applications.

The fact that the geosynthetic clay lining will provide a more stable ground allows combining the advantages in human life. You should definitely benefit from geosynthetic privileges for your astroturf project or some other solutions. It would be best if you remembered that this option would be a serious advantage to prevent the occurrence of ground slippage or other similar negativities.

– Offers Insulation Opportunity
It is precious to minimize the effects from the ground in astro turf and some other projects. Many details need to be paid attention to in this regard. The only thing you need to do is use these products to prevent the adverse effects of cold and hot weather from the ground in your project.

Although geosynthetic reinforcement has been preferred recently, it is valuable to apply it correctly and offer quality solutions. Otherwise, it will not be possible to obtain a successful solution. When you apply to our company, you will have the chance to benefit from all solutions related to geosynthetics. Especially cost advantage, and correct application will be the most valuable issues waiting for you regarding this solution.

You can contact us instead of wasting time on innovative applications that will add value to your project. Quality, high standards, and valuable solutions will only be possible with the cooperation you will realize with our company!


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