In Which Conditions Should The Geodrainage System Be Used?


Geodrainage systems can be provided many different geo products such as geogrids. geogrids are an important geosynthetic material with unique effects and properties compared to other geosynthetics. Geogrid materials are materials that have high tensile properties and have square or rectangular voids on them. When filling or granular material is laid on the geogrid, the grains of material settle between the pores of the geogrid and interlock with the material. The filling material clamped inside the geogrid, which has a highly durable structure, creates a reinforced ground.

Geogrids, which are used for reinforcement of all kinds of ground and reinforcement in retaining structures, offer both economical and healthy solutions in civil engineering. And they are called geotechnical engineering when used as a civil engineering project. Also, they are produced from different raw materials such as polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene have different friction coefficients according to the raw material from which they are produced. The use of geogrid has been increasing in our country in recent years. Today, it is used in highways, railways, and many projects in order to provide geodrainage systems in an efficient way. In this article we are going to explain how to install drainage pipe, benefits of geodrainage systems and usage areas.

What are the advantages of the geodrainage system?


Geogrid has been produced by Integral Group for more than twenty years with its high-resistance polyester yarns. It is the product of combining geogrid product technology with a high degree of expertise. The products are prepared and protected with advanced weaving technology and covered with PVC for easy processing.

If we need to count the main benefits of the geodrainage system, they provide long-lasting engineering solutions in addition to their budget-friendly costs. If we compare other types of reinforcement systems, it is so economical. It transmits moisture easily and does not interfere with the growth of green plants. Therefore, this system is environmentally friendly indeed. Geogrids which are used in geodrainage systems, have high wear resistance. On the other hand, it has a strong resistance to the harmful effects of UV rays. Moreover, installing a geodrainage system with geogrids is so simple because geogrids are light, easily transportable, and foldable materials. Therefore, the application is both simple and quick.

What kind of roles has geogrid in geodrainage systems?

Geogrid materials have high tensile and low creep properties and have square or rectangular voids on them. Although geogrid is used in soil reinforcement applications due to its material properties, it has been used extensively in geosynthetic reinforced walls in recent years. This product can be used in geosynthetic reinforced walls, situations where the structure needs to be supported, erosion control in a wide variety of places, pavement reflection cracking, floor drainage. Geonet drainage allows access water to flow in the plane as well as protect the constructions from the influence of water. In other words, with the help of the drainage system installation, it is prevented many impacts due to the influence of water. Furthermore, these products give a chance to the flow of water from the surface by avoiding the loss of fertile vegetal soil. In erosion control, these products are so useful.

In many engineering problems, natural soils cause problems for practitioners to withstand weight and pressure. This is where geogrids come into play and are used for reinforcement on the ground. Thus, by improving the ground conditions, the carrying capacity is increased and the possibility of working on the ground emerges. Another question that comes to mind about geogrids is how to implement the geogrid. Geogrids, which can be applied in dozens of different areas such as soil reinforcement and erosion control, are applied by projecting each work and construction style differently. Therefore, in what kind of field and under which conditions the work is going to be done, the application of geogrids changes.

What kind of geogrids are used in geodrainage systems?


There are different types of geogrids according to the production method. Woven geogrids are composite materials coated with both symmetrical and asymmetrical polyethylene with high-strength polyester fibers reaching up to 800 kN/m strength. geogrid is a very successful example of woven geogrids. geogrid is a polymeric material with a grid-like structure that is formed by intersecting ribs combined at the joints with a friction-prepared working mechanism.

Geogrid, which has been used successfully in many places, also has four specialized variants: geogrid AR, geogrid EG, geogrid T, and geogrid WG. geogrid AR is used to reinforce asphalt roads, while geogrid EG is used for operations where resistance is needed in both the width and length directions. geogrid T is a composite used for soil reinforcement, while Mac Grid WG is a geogrid made of high molecular weight and high stability filament yarns used for soil reinforcement.

Is geodrainage system an affordable application?

Geogrid prices are as diverse as the application forms of geogrids and differ according to operating conditions. It is possible to say that geogrid prices are decreasing day by day and the usage areas are increasing with the developing technology and opportunities. Geogrid companies have increased in recent years due to the increase in the use and functions of geogrid. However, if you are willing to get a high-quality drainage installation and any problems are not going to be encountered in the future, it is going to be extremely beneficial to work with an experienced and expert company in this field. At this point, we can recommend one of the most experienced companies about geodrainage systems in Turkey: Geobera!

Geo Bera has an expert team in its establishment and has been exporting many different products in this field to a lot of countries all around the world. If we need to count these locations, we need to mention the USA, the UK, Russia, Algeria, Sudan, Albania, Morocco, France, Malta, the Philippines, and many Africa countries. In this industry day by day, this team has been gaining the reputation by increasing their service quality constantly. The mission of Integral company is to contribute new insight into the industry. In other words, this team always creates something new and has never done it before and they are not following other companies. They are not imitating something that already existed but they have been improving the current models with so innovative ideas and clients’ needs.


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