Structure and Usage Areas of Geomembrane!

Word meaning of geomembrane is known to be ground membrane. It is also referred as jeomembran in some sources. So how geomembrane is produced?

Geomembrane is a ground coating material which has a variable thickness and width, consisting of polymer resin, plasticizers, a variety of fillers, carbon black, lubricants and a mixture of various raw materials mixtures that undergo various processes.

Geomembranes differ from each other in terms of their characteristics and structure. Let’s take a look at the types of geomembrane.

What Are The Types of Geomembranes?

  • EPDM membranes
  • Felted EPDM membranes
  • Bituminous membranes
  • Sodium bentonite membranes
  • TPO membranes
  • PVC membranes
  • ECB membranes
  • HDPE membranes
  • FBO membranes

In Which Areas Is Geomembrane Used?

  • It is a product that is frequently and especially used in ground applications.
  • Used in pipes and canals.
  • Used on the floors of swimming pools.
  • Used on the floors of ornamental pools.
  • Prevents water from entering the soil on the ground of irrigation channels.
  • Used on the sports field grounds.
  • Used on floors of storage areas.
  • Used in irrigation ponds for agriculture applications.
  • Used in artificial lakes and irrigation canals.
  • Often used in foundations of building constructions.
  • Used in the construction of harbor dams.
  • Used not only on dirt surfaces but also on floor concretes on terrace and garden roofs.
  • Used in sub-floors during the construction of roads.
  • Is a product used in railways, airways and roads.
  • Used in hydraulic structures, coastal protection areas and chamfers.
  • Used for drainages, surface filtrations and building drainages.
  • Alongside being frequently used in parks and manure storages, it is also used in sewage layoons.
  • Used in places where water treatment systems are located and in dumping areas.

As it is shown above, geomembrane is widely used product. An insulating material, geomembrane, lasts longer than other types of insulation and is very practical. Geomembrane, a synthetic insulation product, is produced from PPC and different mixtures with a unique content and technology.

It is in high demand since it is waterproof and heat resistant. The product which is used in thermal insulation is also frequently used in large infrastructure projects.

It is possible to come across different types of geomembranes since the product which can be produced from synthetic rubber materials has become industrial. Geomembranes made of rubber are used as coating materials especially on the floors of potable water pools. The material becomes flexible when it is wet, but it doesn’t lose any of it’s properties and strength.

Geomembranes return to their original characteristics when they are dry. The main purpose of using geomembrane is due to it’s waterproof property. Resistant to extreme weather conditions, geomembranes are waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures. They can be produced in different specifications and qualities.

You can choose a proper and suitable geomembrane for your project. Geomembrane installation also requires expertise, the structure can be seriously damaged if it’s not conducted properly. Geomembranes are also used in sports field grounds, ensuring that the floor is not damaged. You may get in contact with us whether you want to buy or get information about geomembranes.



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